Meet Your Husband's Need for Respect

First, read about the need to be shown respect if you have not done so already.

A man needs his wife to show respect to him in the way she speaks to him and of him—to always speak highly of him to others, especially to the children, and to never belittle him. Never speak sarcastically or sharply to him. He may encounter a lack of respect or verbal abuse in his workplace. Try to immunize him from it by letting him know how much you respect and value him. Treat him with at least as much deference and courtesy as you would an important business associate or celebrity. Be honest with him and respectful of his feelings. Give him the benefit of the doubt. Be patient and quick to forgive.

Much of the way we show respect is in the way we speak to a person. Be sure to take the smart talk course to ensure that you are effectively communicating respect to your husband.

Be emotionally faithful to him

In general, difficulties between you and your mate should not be divulged or discussed with your mother, your friends, or anyone else you are emotionally attached to. Work the problems out with him, pray, and/or get professional help, but keep your marital relationship sacred.

Keep confidences. He won't share his secrets with you if he doesn't believe you will keep them.

Confide in him. Share your deepest secrets and dreams with him, not others. Beware of situations that allow the formation of emotional attachments with other men.

Don't make him the exception

You wouldn't show up at a meeting with an important person in sweats and be slouchy and grouchy through the meeting. Rather, you would dress up, smile, stand tall, and speak positively. You would want to look and act your best. Show the most important man in your life at least as much respect. Slim down, tone up, dress nicely, sit straight, smile, and speak cheerfully. By doing so, you are showing him respect, and making it easier for him to respect you in return.

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